When functioning properly, household wastes are collected in your septic tank and then broken down, liquefied, and deodorized. Because this process is biological, it is easily upset and may stop working.

Overuse of disinfectants
Overuse of bleaches
Overuse of detergents
Very hot or cold conditions
Some medications

Such factors kill the micro-organisms that work to keep your septic system running properly. Bio Stabilizer replenishes and boosts the supply of these valuable micro-organisms and allows natural activity to continue.

Simple and Easy to Use…

Just drop in a convenient pre-packaged, pre-measured pouch into your lavatory bowl monthly. The plastic pouches dissolve away so you don’t have to handle the powder. Then just flush. No fuss – no bother – no effort!

Reduces Frequent Pumping of Tank
Extends Life of Drain Area
Controls Methane Production
Improves Drain Field Percolation
Keeps Sewer Lines Open
Neutralizes Detergent Bleach
Prevents Drain Blockage
Will Not Attack Plastic or Metal Plumbing
Degrades Waste Faster
Degrades Paper, Grease and Vegetable Waste

To be in the Septic Tank Pumping Business…it is crazy for us to sell this product because it cuts down on the repeat business…but it works! Customers love it because it is pre-measured…completely natural…and adds bacteria consistently to the septic to maintain biological activity.

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